Screenshot of Chalkbeat article titled "How remote learning upended instruction for NYC students with disabilities and their families" featuring an image of a mother holding her son.

Chalkbeat, a nonprofit education reporting platform that covers 8 U.S. cities, added Covid reporting to its ongoing series about learning differences and special education in the New York City schools. A June 17, 2020 article offers an overview of the ways “remote learning upended instruction for NYC students with disabilities… Continue Reading Chalkbeat Reports on Disabled NYC Students during Covid

Line graph of "New Positive Cases in DOE & Charter Schools (weekly)," separated by students and staff, from October 2021 to October 2022. The chart shows a major spike in cases in January 2022 (totally more than 65,000 cases total), and smaller spikes in May 2022 (peaking at just over 10k cases) and late September (peaking at just over 5k cases).

Parents for Responsible Equitable Safe Schools (PRESS NYC) is a parent collective founded in 2020, spanning NYC zip codes and cultures, to “hold the DOE, the Mayor, and the education press accountable.” Among their projects is The People’s Dashboard, reporting weekly Covid cases in the city as well as confirmed… Continue Reading The People’s Dashboard by Press NYC

Multiple people laying on the sidewalk holding signs in front of the White House

On September 19, 2022, the activist group #MEAction held a series of protests at and around the White House in Washington, DC, demanding that President Biden declare Long Covid and ME/CFS a national emergency with increased funding for medical education, research, and treatment. Despite knowing that participating in such an… Continue Reading #MillionsMissing: #MEAction Protests at White House

Screenshot of tweet from user @KirkCruz: "How about: LGBTQ+ folks mobilized & demanded help We didn’t sit around waiting for the government to get its shit together. We organized vaxx events at our *bars*, we told our friends, many abstained from sex while waiting to get vaxxed Just like we had to do in the 80s & 90s"

As fears of Monkeypox spread arose in the spring and summer of 2022—particularly in and around communities of men who have sex with men and their sexual partners—many were concerned about the possibility of yet another overlapping pandemic, especially one that might further stigmatize LGBTQ populations at a time when… Continue Reading Queer Mobilizations To Counter Monkeypox

Screenshot of article from the Guardian, featuring illustration of a white woman looking away from the camera with collaged elements including images of pills, medical tests, and viruses.

In February 2022, Mike Mariana published an article in The Guardian about what he called “the great gaslighting.” Mariana, who lives with ME/CFS, describes the dismissal, “misdiagnosing and psychologizing” of Covid longhaulers as a form of “medical gaslighting” that can lead to “medical PTSD” as well as social stigma and… Continue Reading Medical Gaslighting

Photo by People's CDC on May 29, 2022. May be an image of map and text that says 'More than 96% of US residents live in an area with subsantial or high COVID-19 transmission. People's CDC COVID-19 Transmission Levels MAY 26 source: US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) fCous %ofPop. Moderate 16.52% 15.53% 61.27% 3.44% 5.28%'.

The People’s CDC was founded in 2022 in response to the CDC “creating the appearance that the pandemic is over.” According to the group’s website, which offers resources and weekly Covid transmission reports, “The People’s CDC is a coalition of public health practitioners, scientists, healthcare workers, educators, advocates and people… Continue Reading The People’s CDC

Screenshot of "High-Risk Pandemic Stories: A Syllabus" on Disability Visibility website (full text available via link in post)

A compilation of essays, interviews, and podcast episodes posted to the Disability Visibility Project site in 2020 and 2021. Compiling this material into a “syllabus” in January 2022, Wong writes, “Since March 2020 I have been collecting strands of disabled wisdom about the pandemic and trying to gather, weave, and… Continue Reading Alice Wong’s High-Risk Pandemic Stories: A Syllabus

Screenshot of letter from the NFB to President Biden (full text available via link in post)

Throughout the pandemic, many forms of Covid testing have been inaccessible to blind people, from drive-through testing sites to home tests that rely on visual instructions and displays. Some apps, such as Be My Eyes (founded by visually-impaired inventor Hans Jørgen Wiberg) have allowed blind people to video-call sighted people for… Continue Reading NFB on Inaccessibility of At-Home Covid Tests

Screenshot of Imani Barbarin, a Black disabled activist, speaking at the camera on TikTok.

In December 2020, Imani Barbarin (responding to a TikTok by Ram Danielle on the long term effects of Covid) created a TikTok post (@crutches_and_spice) in which she powerfully stated, “I cant stress this to you all enough, but Covid-19 is a mass disabling event. People are becoming disabled because of… Continue Reading Covid-19 as a Mass Disabling Event

Screenshot of article in Journal of Medical Ethics (full text available in link in post)

Harald Schmidt, Dorothy Roberts, and Amaka Eneanya published an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics in 2021 (e-pub; print publication 2022) in response to the activation by many states of “Crisis Standards of Care” policies during the pandemic. Among other things, these policies guide the rationing of ventilators based… Continue Reading Racial Bias in Ventilator Triage Guidelines