Alice Wong’s High-Risk Pandemic Stories: A Syllabus

Screenshot of "High-Risk Pandemic Stories: A Syllabus" on Disability Visibility website (full text available via link in post)

A compilation of essays, interviews, and podcast episodes posted to the Disability Visibility Project site in 2020 and 2021. Compiling this material into a “syllabus” in January 2022, Wong writes, “Since March 2020 I have been collecting strands of disabled wisdom about the pandemic and trying to gather, weave, and share them. Disabled, fat, older, poor, immunocompromised, and chronically ill folks have been oracles well before this global public health disaster and continue to this day as institutions and leaders treat marginalized communities as disposable. With the Disability Visibility Project I feel a keen urgency to publish as many pieces about the pandemic because our perspectives and warnings are not heeded. And here we are today with eugenics and systemic ableism displayed nakedly upon the altar of capitalism and white supremacy.” —Mara Mills