Research Team

Project Coordinators

Color photo of Faye Ginsburg standing in front of a microphone at a podium.

Faye Ginsburg

Co-Director, Center for Disability Studies; Professor, Anthropology, NYU

Color photograph of Mara Mills lecturing

Mara Mills

Co-Director, Center for Disability Studies; Associate Professor, Media, Culture & Communication, NYU

Color photograph of Rayna Rapp smiling at camera

Rayna Rapp

Professor Emerita, Anthropology; Affiliate, College of Global Public Health, NYU

Harris looks intently into the camera, trying awkwardly to convey "serious, fun, hip, welcoming, new professor." Harris is genderqueer, has light skin (once described by a famous drag queen as "peaches and cream"), shoulder-length hair, and thick glasses, and stands in front of a background of plants.

Harris Kornstein

Assistant Professor, Public & Applied Humanities, University of Arizona
(PhD, Media, Culture, and Communication, NYU)

Postdoctoral and Graduate Student Researchers

Black and white photograph of Tommaso Bardelli

Tommaso Bardelli

Postdoctoral Fellow, Prison Education Program, Social & Cultural Analysis, NYU

Color photograph of Salonee Bhaman

Salonee Bhaman

PhD Candidate, History, Yale University
Color photograph of Yan Grenier

Yan Grenier

FRQSC Postdoctoral Fellow, Anthropology and Center for Disability Studies, NYU

Victoria Netanus Grubbs

Black Studies Collaboratory Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Berkeley
(PhD, Media, Culture, and Communication)

Shuting Li

PhD Student, Anthropology, NYU

Nadia Mbonde

PhD Student, Anthropology, NYU

Color photograph of Emily Lim Rogers

Emily Lim Rogers

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow in Disability Studies, Cogut Institute for the Humanities, Brown University
(PhD, Social & Cultural Analysis, NYU)

Color photograph of Cara Ryan

Cara Ryan

PhD Candidate, Anthropology, NYU

Aiyuba Thomas

MA Student, Gallatin School of Individualized Study, NYU (Social Entrepreneurship and Racialized Capitalism)

Affiliate Researchers

Color photograph of Arthur Caplan

Arthur Caplan

Professor of Bioethics, Dept. of Population Health, NYU Langone
Co-PI, NYU Covid-19 Research Catalyst Grant

smiling White woman with dark brown, wavy hair and grey glasses, standing in front of book shelves

Rachel Fish

Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning, NYU

Headshot of White woman with wavy light brown hair wearing large silver earrings and standing in front of brick wall.

Alexandra Freidus

Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership, University of Connecticut

A white queer woman is wearing a wrinkled black linen outfit. She has oversized glasses and her long brown hair is pulled to one side and draped over her shoulder. Her smile and posture (with her hands in her pockets) convey her internal, awkward bemusement at the experience of her usually unprofessional-self taking a professional headshot.

Shannon O’Neill

Curator for Tamiment-Wagner Collections, NYU Special Collections
Color photograph of Sarah Vázquez-Xu

Sarah G. Vázquez

Doctoral Research Fellow, Anthropology and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
A white woman with shoulder length wavy golden hair is trying to look professional for a headshot while wearing a golden turtleneck and gold glasses.

Emily Watlington

Assistant Editor, Art in America