#LongCOVIDJustice: Pandemics Are Chronic

Graphic on a mostly black background with yellow shapes that suggest warning through red and yellow. Text says: 'COMMIT TO LONG COVID JUSTICE. Pandemics are Chronic. Sign the pledge. Visit TinyURL.com/PandemicsAreChronic or follow the link in our bio to read the full pledge & sign. @LongCOVIDJustice.'

In March 2022, the National Network for Long COVID Justice was launched as a coalition of groups representing people with Long Covid and other chronic illnesses (including notable leadership of ME/CFS activists) to insist that governments and institutions take seriously the chronic aspects of the Covid-19 pandemic. The coalition released a Long Covid Justice pledge, asking patients and activists to sign on to the following:

In the third year of the pandemic, we must end practices and policies that ignore, and further marginalize, disabled and chronically-ill people. The National Network for Long COVID Justice ask you to join us in a pledge:

– To include Long COVID in the narrative of the COVID-19 pandemic; we cannot tell the story of COVID without discussing Long COVID.
– To center, platform, and resource those with Long COVID, complex chronic illnesses, and other disabilities at the forefront of policy, advocacy, and action related to these issues.
– To work to end the marginalization of disabled and chronically-ill people, which is a constant and widespread harm, existing outside of and across all aspects of pandemics.
– To recognize that the COVID-19 pandemic and Long COVID have disproportionately impacted already marginalized communities, including Black, Brown, and Indigenous communities.

We are experiencing a mass disabling event, and disabled people and those with Long COVID must be at the forefront of addressing this unprecedented moment.

(Read the expanded version of the pledge.)

The pledge has been signed by a range of leaders from across disability justice movements and public health communities. The coalition continues to advocate through a framework of disability justice and regularly posts media coverage about Long Covid.

— Harris Kornstein