A phrase used by Patty Berne of Sins Invalid long before the pandemic. “In 2019, Max Airborne re-ignited the phrase as the hashtag #NoBodyIsDisposable, along with Stacey Milbern and Dawn Haney, in an action with Fat Rose and Disability Justice Culture Club to bring Fat and Disability communities together to Close the Camps. In 2020, the #NoBodyIsDisposable Campaign came together to resist triage discrimination during the COVID-19 pandemic. Fat Rose, the Fat Legal Advocacy, Rights, & Education Project, Independent Living Resource Center San Francisco, Sins Invalid, Disability Justice Culture Club, and others were part of this broad and building campaign bringing together people targeted by triage plans.” The website associated with the #NoBodyIsDisposable action created a Guide to Surviving COVID-19 Triage Protocols in 2020. In 2020-2021, the hashtag was often used in combination with #NoICUgenics.

— Mara Mills