Sins Invalid: Justice Means a Disability Centered Response to Covid-19

These images were posted by Sins Invalid on March 19, 2020, early in the pandemic on a page entitled Social Distancing and Crip Survival: A Disability-Centered Response to Covid-19. As a disability justice organization, Sins Invalid was among the first organizations to highlight the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic would both uniquely impact disabled people and to highlight the resources and resilience that crip and chronically-ill communities could offer during a time of collective crisis, as they wrote:

In some ways, it isn’t so different from how many of us live our lives every day as crips, with long stretches of time at home, limited access to community or touch or social engagement, engaging in mutual aid, sharing meds & home remedies. Many of us who are immunocompromised/suppressed or chemically injured have had to think about how many people we will encounter on any given day, what that will expose us to, and how it could impact our health. It’s an irony that the whole world is talking about and problem solving with us now. It’s painful that able bodied/minded people evidence their ableist privilege with frustration that air travel is inaccessible, that their schedules are impacted by others’ schedules, that they can’t do their normal social routines… Welcome to our world!

This post by Sins Invalid also included early practical safety and survival tips from members, alongside links to mutual aid resources and poetry.

— Faye Ginsburg & Harris Kornstein