Special Support Services Advocacy Group

Screenshot of cover of report: "Spread Thin: Survey Reveals Students Without Special Education Instruction" featuring a child curled up in a box sucking their thumb.

Special Support Services, an advocacy group for disabled students and their families, conducted a survey of parents in 2020 about student educational experiences during the pandemic. Faced with a lack of data and information from the DOE, the advocacy group distributed a 42-question survey in English, Spanish, Chinese and Korean and received over 1,100 responses in just a few weeks. The group’s analysis of the survey results revealed the following:

Large class sizes with less staff make Integrated Co-Teaching Service ineffective.

Inefficient structuring for students in self-contained classes (all students in the class have IEPs).

Inconsistent and ineffective remote instruction.

Lack of access to paraprofessional service and SETSS (special education teacher support services).

—Mara Mills