The Sick Times

The Sick Times logo is a bright yellow background with an orange circle, a purple diamond, and a black and white illustrated bird.

The Sick Times is an independent website that documents the ongoing Long Covid crisis. They invite readers to join them as they “​​investigate injustices, challenge powerful institutions, wade through the latest research, assess COVID-19 data, and offer a platform for those most affected by the crisis.” While COVID continues to be devalued in the media as the Center for Disease Control lowers isolation requirements, The Sick Times works to keep the pandemic in current conversation. For example, in December 2023, they noted how COVID-19 is part of the crisis in Gaza given that an Israeli Air Strike in May 2021 damaged the main COVID testing center in Gaza City. 

The importance of covering Long Covid not only applies in the US but also in locations around the world where people face more fast-acting dangers. According to the Sick Times article,“While COVID-19 is not the most immediate threat to life in Gaza, the disease can amplify harm from other health issues, such as injuries from Israeli airstrikes and shootings, malnutrition, and untreated chronic conditions. But media coverage of the humanitarian crisis has failed to acknowledge the ongoing pandemic and, in turn, minimizes the scope of the violence.”

Keeping COVID in the news is important to understanding the global aspects of the pandemic as the world continues to feel the impacts of the virus.

A screenshot of The Sick Times website has the logo at the top and two columns of articles. Headings read, “Science” and “Recent Articles”

-Stephanie Farmer